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Tomomi Mori 森友美 / Bonsai artist

Born January 26,1987 in Aichi, Japan.
2008 Started career as an actress and model in Japan.
2013 Retired career as an actress.
2013 Became Shinkai Isao of Kidoen pupil which is one of the most popular bonsai garden in Japan.
Start career as bonsai artist.
2016 Now training bonsai under Kidoen.


-My hobby is to see the art of museum, old japanese house and japanese garden. One day I found so beautiful bonsai at the japanese garden. I was deeply touched and came to think I would like to create  these kind of art , bonsai. This is why I start doing bonsai.

-What is your vision in the future?

-I realized how beautiful culture it is. I would like to many people know this beautiful bonsai culture. I hope my activities move a lot peoples heart not only in japan also all over the world.